Bell 525 Relentless Review

Bell 525 Relentless Exterior

Relentless 525 Review

The latest generation in helicopters has been brought to the table with the Bell 525 Relentless helicopter. This helicopter has a wide range of features to make flying enjoyable and the ride smooth. Standard seating on this helicopter is 2 flight crew and 16 additional passengers. The helicopter is set up with a standard OGP complaint layout but allows for simple removal of the seats to change the floor plan according to the needs at any given time. Thanks to the 88 square feet of passenger space there is plenty of room for everyone to be included.Bell 525 Relentless Exterior


The cabin can be upgraded to a more suitable style with VIP transportation in mind. The view from the Bell 525 Relentless helicopter is excellent with wrap around windscreens and clear viewing over the nose of the helicopter as well. This means less obstruction when taking off and landing in tight areas. With a baggage compartment with a dimensional 128 square feet you will be able to get everything on board at the same time.Relentless Avionics


The helicopter is the first in commercial helicopters to have the Garmin G500H included into its build. This is a touchscreen avionics suite that enhances situational awareness thus making improvements on the pilot’s hand-eye coordination and movements in the flight deck. With the Helicopter Sythetic Vision Technology (HSVT) the pilot has a 3D image of the terrain around, the traffic and obstacles as well as other conditions. These are tools that can greatly improve the effectiveness of the pilot, the safety of the helicopter and the consistency of successful flights.


With over 634 gallons of fuel in the tank the longevity of the flight is greatly enhanced. The 155 kts speed and a range of 500 nm will allow for greater missions. A maximum gross weight of 20,000 in the cabin is more than enough to bring everyone on board. The hovering ceiling IGE is 12,000 feet and OGE is 6,000 so you can really cover more territory.Bell Relentless optional interior


The Bell 525 Relentless is an extremely versatile helicopter thanks to its payload and range performance, flight crew visibility, large cabin size and overall added reliability make it the helicopter for all uses. Whether it is a corporate need or official use, the helicopter can surpass any expectations one might have. With a state of the art pilot’s cabin and the best in avionics a pilot can easily maneuver the passengers to where they want to be.

The company offers a number of floor plans to suit the needs of specific mission types such as energy related corporate work, corporate business to business work, medical use, rescue capacities and more. The unit can also be fitted for any type of harnessing or outfitting for pulleys and rigging. Thanks to the rapid response capabilities along with the passenger space and the fuel economy, the helicopter is a great choice for whatever is required. It appeals to the masses in many ways and can be transformed to the individual goals of the pilot.

Engine Performance

The CT7-2F1 engine is fuel efficient and performs well under pressure. The rugged engine will withstand the beating and return the power to your helicopter. This means more reliability and the ability to take on longer missions. That can mean everything in a life saving situation and can provide better chances of success for rescue circumstances. The helicopter can be fitted as an emergency transport, fire fighting flight, and any other first responder layout necessary. Perhaps one of the most complete packages you can ask for, the Bell 525 Relentless has the best in safety and reliability with style.

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